Tournament Pre- Registration

Tournament Pre- Registration

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One child under 10 may enter at no charge with each paid adult participant.

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* Mail payment to: Seminole County Band Boosters * P.O. Box 523 * Donalsonville, GA 39845


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Lake Seminole Festival- Grand Pan Fish Tournament

to benefit the Seminole County Band Program

Saturday, April 2, 2016 at Spring Creek Park Resort

7863 Reynolds Landing Rd. Donalsonville, GA

A unique tournament everyone can enjoy!  All children under 10 years of age may enter FREE with paid adult participant and will receive a prize pack! 

Here's how it works:

Enter the Shellcracker & Bream Tournament for $25 to compete for $500 First Place!  $300 will be paid for Second Place and $200 for Third Place, PLUS $100 for Big Fish!

Grand Panfish Tournament Rules

Tournament starts at 7 am * Registration begins at 6 am. * Weigh In at 2 pm.

You are entering a Shellcracker & Bream Tournament.

1) These rules apply to all entrants of this tournament. Violation of any of these rules will warrant appropriate disciplinary action by tournament director (Media Bass). Any protests must be received in writing and signed within fifteen minutes of the final check-in to be taken literally. Director decisions will be final in all matters. Acts of nature can affect these rules.

2) State, Federal and Local Laws must be obeyed at all times.

3) All entrants are subject to take a polygraph test. Failure to take and /or pass such a test will result in disqualification.

4) Entry fee is $25 per person and all persons fishing must pay entry fee.  Children under 10 years of age may enter free of charge with a paid adult participant.

5) Scoring will be determined by total weight of up to 25 fish (Shellcracker & Bream) per person. Participants are reminded to remain within legal catch limits per boat.

6) Fish do not need to be live for weigh-in, however, all fish must be caught that day by an entrant on that boat. Any "sharing" of fish from different boats will be considered cheating and will result in disqualification for all participants involved.

7) "Bucket" fishing will also be considered cheating and will result in disqualification. "Bucket" fishing is defined as any fishing from any area where the fish are not free-range fish, i.e. previously penned, caged or otherwise contained for future harvesting.

8) Firearms are not allowed in tournament boats, nor to be carried at all during tournament hours. Law Enforcement Officers are the only exception.

9) Alcohol and narcotics will not be allowed in the possession of contestants during tournament hours, unless it is a prescription medication.

10) Courtesy, safe boating, sportsmanship and conservation must be displayed at all times by contestants.

11) No fishing is allowed within 25 feet of another tournament boat without mutual consent.

12) All boats must depart from the host facility, but may be trailered or driven to that facility. A boat may be launched from any landing, but must be checked and depart from the host facility.

13) All boats are subject to inspection prior to issuing of a number for tournament participation.

14) Registration may be on-line as long as payment is received prior to the tournament start time. Contact Spring creek Park for additional information on early registration.

15) All boats will take off at 7 am from host facility. Weigh-in will be at 2 pm.

16) Upon entering the fishing tournament, contestants release the Seminole County Band Boosters, Media Bass, Spring Creek Park Resort, all officials, benefactors and sponsors from all liability of accidents, losses and thefts. Contestants are responsible for knowing and adhering to all these rules.